Week: 19/04 – 22/04

Lecture Room: Building 1 – Room 1.38

Schedule: 09:30 – 12:30  |  14:00 – 17:00




In this module the focus is on the foundations of metalexicography and dictionary research. The aim is to present a variety of aspects from the domain of metalexicography and to show the interactive relation between theory and practice. Topics to be treated in this module include:

  • Lexicography and society
  • Theory and practice in lexicography: terminological explanations
  • Lexicography as art
  • Function theory
  • The frame structure
  • Outer texts and inner texts: front and back matter texts
  • Access structures
  • Outer and inner access structures
  • Online dictionaries: search strings, search routes, navigation, structures
  • Lexicography and dictionary research: addressees, dictionary functions, dictionary subject matter and dictionary form
  • Methods in lexicography: Text theory and theory regarding procedures as basis of dictionary research
  • Macrostructures: alphabetical and thematic macrostructures
  • Nesting and niching
  • Microstructure: theory
  • Lexicographic items in print and online dictionaries


Please see the module description for further information.