Week: 30/05 – 03/06

Lecture Room: Building 1 – Room 1.38

Schedule: 09:30 – 12:30  |  14:00 – 17:00




Topics to be addressed in this module include:

  1. Introduction to empirical research
  2. Introduction to research into dictionary use
  3. Current state of research
  4. Methods of research into dictionary use
  5. Involvement of dictionary users
  6. Detailed work and reflection on methodology, analyses, and interpretation of data from user studies
  7. Development of an individual usage study (case study) with short presentation

At the end of the module participants are able to:

  • explain what is done in research into dictionary use and explain its significance in lexicography
  • describe the current state of research in the field
  • show a basic understanding of empirical research
  • name different methodological approaches and explain them on a general level
  • develop appropriate scientific hypotheses for specific research questions
  • choose an appropriate method for their scientific hypothesis and apply it
  • analyse scientific publications from the field, formulate problems in the field and solve them through discussion, develop an individual usage study


Please see the module description for further information.