Week: 26/04 – 29/04

Lecture Room: Building 1 – Room 1.38




By means of selected short texts, the module provides an insight into specialised languages as an important means of communication in modern forms of society, offers a critical examination of professional connections, and allows for a better understanding of the need for specialised languages and the use of a specialised language in one’s own education. The differences between specialised communication science and terminology science will be explored, while the identification of terminologies and the management of terminology databases will be presented by means of hands-on exercises. Topics to be addressed in this module include:

  1. Special field communication and specialised language communication
  2. Lexicography and lexicography for special purposes
  3. Dictionaries for special purposes and encyclopaedias
  4. Specialised languages and terminology science
  5. Terminography and terminology databases
  6. Standardisation organisations, organisation of work
  7. Procedures and methods: corpus-based work, definition theory, the formation of terminology
  8. Corpora, exchange formats, extracting term candidates, texts, tools
  9. Project examples


Please see the module description for further information.