Week: 07/03 – 11/03

Lecture Room: Building 1 – Room 1.38

Schedule: 09:30 – 12:30  |  14:00 – 17:00





The module is intended to provide an overview on the work that is relevant in the overall planning of a dictionary project. The students should learn how to develop a plan for a dictionary project, which includes a linguistic description of the field, a conception of the lexicographic structure, and a plan of the lexicographic processes as well as of IT, personnel and finances. Topics to be addressed in this module include:

  1. Sketch / Identifying the target group
  2. Identifying the field of the dictionary
  3. Conception and planning of the dictionary basis, the lemma list and the dictionary structure
  4. Technical basics of dictionary production and publication form (print vs. electronic dictionaries)
  5. Editorial procedures


Please see the module description for further information.