February 21-25
Orientation Week:

  • Welcome Session
  • Tour of UMinho’s Sports Centre
  • UMinho libraries & scientific and bibliographic resources available in the UMinho network
  • Tour of Braga I (The Portuguese Rome)
  • Tour of Guimarães (The Cradle of Portugal)


March 07-11
Dictionary Planning and Production
  • Dominik Brückner (Leibniz Institute for the German Language – IDS)

March 21-25
Computational Lexicography
  • Besim Kabashi (Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg)
  • Stephanie Evert (Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg)
  • Ulrich Heid (University of Hildesheim)

March 28-April 01
Modeling and Representing Data in Digital Lexicography
  • Peter Meyer (Leibniz Institute for the German Language – IDS)
April 04-08
Dictionaries and Translation
  • José João Almeida (University of Minho)
  • Yvon Keromnes (University of Lorraine)
April 08
EMLEX Hackfest
  • Álvaro Iriarte; José João Almeida, Idalete Dias (University of Minho)
  • María José Domínguez (University of Santiago de Compostela)
  • Carlos Valcárcel (University of Vigo)
April 19-22
  • Rufus Gouws (University of Stellenbosch)
  • Zita Hollós (University Károli Gáspár Református Egyetem – Budapest)
April 26-29
Special Field Lexicography and Terminology
  • Stefan Schierholz (Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg)
  • Idalete Dias (University of Minho)
  • Rute Costa (NOVA University Lisbon)
April 26
Open Lecture:
Terminology in the Digital Age
  • Rute Costa (NOVA University Lisbon)

May 02-06
History of Lexicography
  • Anja Lobenstein-Reichmann (Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities)
  • Christine Ganslmayer (Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg)
  • Laura Balbiani (University of the Valley of Aosta)
  • Paolo Vaciago (Roma Tre University)
May 09-13
Learner Lexicography
  • Michael Klotz (Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg)
  • Stefania Nuccorini (Roma Tre University)
  • Giovanni Iamartino (State University of Milan)
May 18
Open Lecture:
Dictionary of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences
  • Invited Speaker:
    Ana Salgado (Coordinator of the Dictionary of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences)
May 19 – 20
Workshop: Defining terms in general language dictionaries
  • Invited Lecturer:
    Ana Salgado
May 23-27
Lexicography and Lexicology
  • Éva Buchi (University of Lorraine)
  • Tinatin Margalitadze (Ilia State University)
May 30-June 03
Research into Dictionary Use
  • Martina Nied Curcio (Roma Tre University)
  • Carolin Müller-Spitzer (Leibniz Institute for the German Language – IDS)

June 13-17
Workshop: Statistics with R
  • Sascha Wolfer (Leibniz Institute for the German Language – IDS)