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1. Hotels close to the University


  • Hotel Meliã (2 minutes walk) [**** star hotel]:


2. Hotels in the historic centre of Braga

[+/- 25 minutes walk to the University of Minho; with bus connection to the University]



3. Accommodation Rental Platforms




1. Flights

The airport closest to Braga is Francisco Sá Carneiro airport, in Porto. It receives all types of flights, including low cost flights. The airport is located 45 km (approx. 28 miles) from Braga.


2. Shuttle Bus

GetBus offers you a comfortable and economic express service with daily connections between Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport and the city of Braga. Make your reservation through the website or at the bus station at the airport or in Braga:


3. Train

  • From Porto:

The train trip from Porto (Campanhã or S.Bento train stations) to Braga takes about one hour. Porto-Braga/Braga-Porto timetables are available at:


  • From Lisbon:

From Lisbon to Braga you can either take the Alfa Pendular train or the Intercidades train. The Alfa Pendular is a high-speed train, but it is more expensive than the Intercidades.

Lisbon-Braga/Braga-Lisbon timetables are available at:


  • Metro:

Porto is served by a surface metro that covers several areas of the city as well as many surrounding areas. The ticket costs about 3€ (Line E) from the Sá Carneiro airport to the Campanhã train station. Tickets can be bought at every metro station. For further information about the metro in Porto, see:


  • Taxi

A taxi from Sá Carneiro airport to the Campanhã train station costs about 25€. From the airport to Braga it costs about 60€. In Braga, the taxi rates depend on the distance, commonly ranging from 3€ to 9€. Please note that at night and on Sundays and holidays, taxis are more expensive.


  • Bus:

In Braga, there are buses going to all areas of the city. The company responsible for the buses is TUB – Transportes Urbanos de Braga:

The buses that go to the University of Minho are no. 24 (Sequeira-Gualtar/Gualtar-Sequeira) and no. 7 (Celeirós-S. Mamede de Este/S. Mamede de Este-Celeirós). Please keep in mind that sometimes the bus number is not visible, so you may need to pay attention to the names of the routes as shown in parentheses. Tickets can be bought inside the bus, and the prices depend on the number of areas covered by the ticket.