Statistics and Language Processing with R: An introductory Workshop

Week: 13/06 – 17/06

Lecture Room: Building 1 – Room 1.38

Schedule: 09:30 – 12:30  |  14:00 – 17:00





Several fields in lexicography rely on the use of statistics and/or computational processing of language data. Research into dictionary use, (pre-)processing of lexicographical data, corpus-linguistic analyses: Computational and statistical methods enable the lexicographer to tackle problems in everyday work more efficiently and open the door to novel research endeavors. Of course, knowledge of statistics and computational methods is also relevant in lots of other scientific fields and outside academia.

In this course, you will learn the basic concepts of descriptive and inferential statistics, for example data exploration and visualization as well as elementary statistical models. You will be introduced to one of the most wide-spread statistical software packages: the open-source R framework. With its active community and vast expandability through community-made add-on packages, R is the ideal starting point for every lexicographer who wants to expand their skillset with statistics and computational language processing.

No deep knowledge of programming or mathematics is required to attend this workshop. In the approx. 15 hours of this workshop, basic concepts of programming will be introduced and – of course – you will see and work with some numbers related to statistical methods. Don’t be afraid, it’s worth it.