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GHD is a multidisciplinary research team on Digital Humanities, which focuses on the interface between Applied Linguistics, Languages and Technologies. It involves research projects that demonstrate the importance of technology-based tools for the treatment of languages, and its main aim is to explore and develop linguistic-computational resources for the treatment, interpretation and diffusion of textual heritage. Based on these resources, the GHD is expected to deliver products and services that meet a range of technical and pedagogical needs detected within and outside the academic community (language industry, cultural entities, educational establishments, business sector, etc.).

The GHD members reflect the interdisciplinary matrix of the research center to which this team belongs. The list of members includes professors and researchers not only from the Institute of Letters and Human Sciences and from the Computer Science Department of the University of Minho, but also from other national and foreign institutions.

Research strands: Innovation and Technology in Language Teaching; Corpus Linguistics Applied to Translation / Interpretation; Textual Heritage and Digital Edition / Transhumanism / Spatial Humanities.