PortLinguE (PTDC / LLT-LIG / 31113/2017) is an EU-funded project which will run for three years. The official project start date was 11-11-2019. This project is an initiative of the Digital Humanities Group of the Center for Humanistic Studies of the University of Minho. Owing to its interdisciplinary nature, PortLinguE is developed by members from the Institute of Arts and Humanities and the School of Engineering (namely by the Department of Informatics and the Department of Electronic Engineering ), in a challenging and fruitful dialogue between areas such as Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Statistics, Corpus Linguistics and Lexicography. The project further involves four national and international consultants.

Today it is vital to know how to communicate accurately and efficiently, respecting the specificities of each communicative context. In this context, PortLinguE aims to be a resource of general interest, serving a wide range of users (with different degrees of knowledge, at different levels of education and professional life, and with different needs). If further aims to contribute toward the construction of an informed society, prepared to overcome the communicative barriers imposed by specialized languages, which are becoming more and more relevant as a result of the increasing specialization of knowledge.

PortLinguE relies on open access texts, such as those found in scientific repositories, doing justice to the large sums invested in Open Science and in the promotion of Portuguese as a language of scientific communication, in line with European policies on multilingualism. Multimodal content will be used in addition to the texts, aiming to foster a taste for science in the most diverse audiences, especially the youngest, and also to build bridges between traditionally distant disciplinary areas by blending different angles on science.